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Dear Lija Residents,

Kindly be informed that In Hal Lija, a clothes & shoes bin has been installed. This bin was primarily installed in Robert Mifsud Bonnici str near the soft area. However its location has now been changed and it has been placed at Tal-Mirakli near the playing field and Tal-Mirakli chapel. The council encourages you to make use of this bin and dispose of unwanted clothes, shoes, hats, soft toys, belts, bed sheets & curtains (NO QUILTS), which are still however in mint condition. All clothes and shoes collected will be given to aid for third world countries. Also kindly be informed that this bin is emptied everyday but if on any day it is found to be full we would appreciate it if you could inform the council office so that we can take action by calling the contractor.

Thanks for your attention.

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